Jones v. Parker et al


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Greetings from the publisher of Desert Messenger

~ Shanana RAIN BearCat

In 2014, Jennifer Marie “Jade” Jones filed a civil rights lawsuit against me (and the Towns of Parker & Quartzsite, Arizona) in U.S. District Court for Arizona Under Section 1983. The lawsuit stemed from exercising my First Amendment Right to publish an official government press release about Jones’ alleged activities issued from the Town of Quartzsite.

The case was DISMISSED in the United States District Court of Arizona-Phoenix 

but Jones filed an appeal in United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. 

On April 4, 2016, the US Court of Appeals AFFIRMED the District Court’s judgement.


Jones is a candidate for Arizona House of Representatives Legislative District 5, covering La Paz & Mohave Counties. In the past, Jones identified herself as a publisher and experienced dog groomer, but now she simply identifies herself as a publisher of the Desert Freedom Press. However, Jones published only 3 editions of her tabloid in all of 2015 and just one edition in 2016 to date.

For those who don’t have a PACER account, I’ve tried to enclose all the documents in the Federal Civil Rights lawsuit of Jennifer “Jade” Marie Jones against Town of Parker, Town of Quartzsite, and Shanana Rain Golden-Bear; in chronological order from the most recent. (I purposefully left off the long list of Proof of Service notices and other minor documents).  Jones represented herself while all defendants paid attorneys to represent us. For more details visit

The list below may not be in  perfect order, but there’s lots of interesting reading.

As a “conservative” Republican Free Speech advocate candidate, Jones should understand that being offended does not qualify as a civil rights violation.

The right to free speech and the unrealistic expectation to never be offended can not coexist.     — Philip Sharp


COURT DOCUMENTS in the case of Jennifer Marie Jones v. Town of Parker, et al.,

CASE NO. 2:14-CV-01907

Order 04042016 affirming District Court (APPEALS ORDER)

Jones pauper statement

FILED Joinder 01032016 Doc. 21

Joinder in Responses 01032016

Response Appellant Order Show Cause Doc 19 12292015

Response Order Show Cause

Document 12-23-15. 2

Document 12-23-15

Jones Response Order Show Cause 12182015

Appeal Fees paid receipt Doc 66 12102015

Order 11172015Doc 11 appeal frivolous (“The district court has certified that this appeal is not taken in good faith.”)

Order deny in forma pauperis appeal not good faith Doc 61 08282015

Order deny mot amend judgment Doc 58

Order denying motion to dismiss (Judge ruled “A contract with the Town of Quartzsite does not make Golden-Bear an employee of the Town of Quartzsite. Golden-Bear is not a state actor and cannot be liable for a § 1983 claim.”)

Jones response to motion to deny motion to amend (Jones falsely argued “Subsequent to the filing of this Claim, Defendant Golden-Bear conspired with a Town Official to conduct a frivolous and unwarranted inspection of Plaintiff’s business…Defendant Golden-Bear(Bearcat) admits to working for the Town of Quartzsite and she has benefited for years from privileged relation with her employer and evidence exists in support of Plaintiff’s assertions to that effect which Golden-Bear did not specifically deny.)

FILED WITH COURT 07092015 Response to Jones Rule 59(e) Motion (Doc 56)

Town Response Jones Rule 59(e) motion Doc. 55

Response Rule 59 Motion

Parker Resp Jones Rule 59 mot Doc 53

59(e) mot amend judgment Doc 52

Court 052915 Order Dismissal CV-14-01907

Judgment of Dismissal CV-14-01907


Jones Resp Parker MTD Doc 44 032715

Jones Mot Strike Ward Bruno Etc. Doc 43 032015

Jones Mot Strike Ward Bruno Etc. Doc 42 032015

Judgment same case

Order dismissal District Court CV1302170PHXDJH

Parker MTD Doc 40-1 022315

Parker MTD Doc 40 022315

Town Reply Support MTD Doc 38

FILED Return to Sender envelope

FILED Reply Support MTD Doc 37 02161513150166-0–23756

Reply Supporting Motion to Dismiss (Doc 15)

Response and Strike Town MTD doc 36 0212

Motion to Strike & Resp MTD doc 35 021215

Town Defendants MTD Ex 1 Doc 34-1

Town Defendants MTD Doc 34

Town MTD Exhibits doc 19-1 011615

Order grant extend service 013015 doc 13 (1)

Court Order re Response to Town MTD Doc 20 012015

Parker Demand Jury Trial Doc 18-1 011315

Parker Answer Doc 18 011315

Court Order 011315 re MTD brief schedule

Certificate of Conference

Certificate Conference Ex A

Motion to Dismiss v2

Town Reply Jones Response OSC doc 12

Order grant extend service 013015 doc 13

Court Order striking MTD

Ex 2 doc 12 Town Reply OSC

Ex 1 doc 12 Town Reply OSC

2014-01-23 Jones Notice of Claim Letter

Court Order striking MTD

FILED Mot Dismiss Doc. 8 122814

Motion to Dismiss

Jones Response OSC 122414 (1)

Order Show Cause re Service 121814

Notice of Appearance

Court Order 082814 doc 4 re MTD

Mot Extend Time Answer Town Def

JJ v. Town of Parker 20140001


I really appreciate all of you for your support during this very long process. I’ve learned so much during this time. My commitment to provide positive news, events & entertainment to the community is stronger than ever. I’m looking forward to continue working with you all in a good way for the betterment of our community.


Shanana Rain BearCat (Golden-Bear)

Publisher/Editor Desert Messenger